Sunday Funday!

Woke up to a beautiful last day at Seaside Park!  Time to relax and just enjoy the beauty of whats around us!  With none other  than friends, family, moe., and some Ziggy! Love is our religion!  Thanks Vibes and thank you Hal for letting us be a part of it year after year!  Until next […]

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Vibe Tribe

By the third day of the Festival you are really accustomed to it kinda like becoming one of its own, otherwise known as part of the Vibe Tribe. Therefore,  it was a stars and bars kind of Saturday! We got some fun in with our girls before a short shift of work and more play! […]

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Day 2 Vibes- Dynamic Quatro

Happy Friday! Starting off the day with a sunrise on the water is never a bad start! Following that with some break.fest with friends and music time is a perfect harmony…. This year we were able to recruit some friends to work with us as well.  We let the younger best friends duo, Sarah and […]

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