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7 thoughts on “Social

  1. hey guys my name is Danny Branciforte. I was pleased to see you all in the parking lot of our restaurant the other day. It’s nice to see the spirit of the Gypsy still alive. I was on Dead tour for over 10 years and still drive in 1974 Volkswagen bus.keep up the good work,and please come see us again when in North Carolina

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  2. We hope you all enjoyed the pizza. we just wanted to give something back to the people who try to warm the hearts and souls of others.thank you merry Christmas and happy new years from our family here at Branciforte’s


    1. We can’t thank you enough and are so happy you share our same spirit! We loved the pizza, of course, and will be sure to come back again! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and keep on truckin’!


  3. We just saw your van in Walker LA and had to look you up! Are you passing through or staying in the area a few days? We’d love to hear more about your adventures!


    1. Hi Jessica! So great hearing from you! Thanks for taking your time to look us up and reaching out! We are in the BR area for the next couple nights and then finishing our stay in this great state in New Orleans.


  4. Hey, I was just wondering if you guys were going to be central Florida soon? Tampa, Orlando, etc. You guys seem really cool and I’d love to meet you. Have a great one. Namaste.


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