Balinese Life

Balinese dancing has grasped our attention numerous times this trip. So far, we were mesmerized when one of the older girls at the home performed for us. Then we had the honor of watching four different girls dance at Pinkie’s party. From the makeup, to the ornate outfits and the dramatic dancing, we wanted to be just like these talented ladies. We love the whole package. When we were invited this morning to practice we hurriedly dropped everything and waited to learn like eager students.

Balinese dance is an ancient dance tradition that is religious and artistic expression. They use their fingers, hands, head, eyes and legs all at once. Some children are taught to dance with their hands before they can even walk. Once our class got started it was evident these delicate hand gestures were not as simple as they appear. We were taught step-by-step pieces of the dance before we put it together with Balinese music. There was so much giggling and laughter, language was not an obstacle for us.

While we were dancing and having all the fun, our modern day MacGyver’s, Greg and Logan, were focused on fixing the leaking sinks in four of the kids’ bedrooms.

Consequently, it took four trips walking back and forth in the 85-degree weather to the hardware store to find the parts they needed to rig the sinks. It also included a lost and then found wallet that the kind people at the store held onto overnight. The sinks were done just in time for lunch.


Krishna, the fantastic girl who has been feeding our bellies daily, asked us to take a drive with her and Didi to the market to buy vegetables. On the way, we dropped off some of the girls for an overnight camping trip with the school. We approached the market while listening to them barter. We strolled down the side alley filled with vendors selling bright colorful vegetables and fruit .

We ran bags full of produce to the van as Didi made deals. We filled the entire trunk of the van with peppers, tomatoes, tangerines, cabbages and many vegetables we didn’t even recognize.

We were told these would hopefully last us at least three days. Krishna is practicing getting her driver’s license so she drove us safely home as we cheered her along the way.

We finished the day with yoga and meditation, followed by dinner. It is a daily regiment we plan to take with us on the road.


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