Girls on the Run

Ten weeks ago we embarked on a new adventure in the county where we grew up. We took on new roles as coaches at Lafayette School in New Jersey for a 3rd -5th grade after school program called Girls on the Run (GOTR). 52752924_2271349909819203_6579202608215359488_n GOTR is designed to inspire girls to be joyful, happy and confident while following a curriculum, which creatively integrates running. 54525110_2292752411012286_8493666357508833280_n.jpg They have 225 councils impacting communities nationwide. We met twice a week for an hour and half each time and focused on helping them find inner strength (“Star Power”) 53703467_2281185238835670_5365731170065580032_nand live balanced lives on their own terms. We worked on how to choose friends and make new ones.56697087_2300724916881702_50221314585133056_n We built their confidence and celebrated how unique each one of them truly is.

Each season they have to complete a community impact project. Our girls wanted to thank the policemen of New Jersey for keeping them safe. We created “goodie” bags for our local barracks and distributed them. 60320143_10216874068496780_3806457505299562496_n We are so proud of our girls, the goals they have met and the teamwork that has been built over a ten-week period. 57038251_2303369576617236_7725207119531606016_nWe can delightfully say our girls are ready inside and out to run a 5K tomorrow. 56877128_2303369646617229_5341071735594680320_n 59022611_10101241848602595_8928986354092605440_n.jpgIf you would like more information on how to get involved or would like to know how to get your child involved, email us or click the link below. This is a program we fell in love with and would love your support too!


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