Easter People

When we left Los Angeles for the month, Scarlet stayed in the loving hands of extended family.  As soon as we returned, we wanted to give back to the LA community on Easter.  We woke up bright and early in the desert to head back to San Pedro for Easter brunch with our mini me’s and […]

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Rachel’s Women’s Shelter

Going to bed at 5 a.m. was just another weekend for us. Now we are waking up at that time to go help others in need.  We knew it would be worth it, that we were meant to be here.  We tried contacting another organization to volunteer and were told they didn’t have any spots available for […]

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Day 2 Vibes- Dynamic Quatro

Happy Friday! Starting off the day with a sunrise on the water is never a bad start! Following that with some break.fest with friends and music time is a perfect harmony…. This year we were able to recruit some friends to work with us as well.  We let the younger best friends duo, Sarah and […]

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