Bodhi Monastery

This week’s volunteer opportunity holds a special place in my heart. Ten years ago my Dad, Duke, opened and continues to manage a local food pantry located at the Bodhi Monastery in Lafayette, NJ.
Every chance I had to take time off work I would go help hand out food to our local, less fortunate people. I am lucky to say that I have made some great friends along the way. The food pantry is a very family oriented program. Everyone from my little sister to my grandmother is there every week to help where needed.
Since I’ve started my new job, I have been lucky enough to be able to participate every week for the last 6 months. This particular day, both gypsy givers were there to help!
For more info on giving back to the Monastery click here
Here is an article that ran in the 2007.
My Dad has been an inspiration to our little journey. He has been active in the community since we moved back to the east coast in 1985! In 2013 he won Newton NJ Chamber of Commerce Humanitarian award.
Local produce is donated every week.
Each family was given two dozen of eggs this week!
photo 3
Local produce is donated every week.
photo 2
Caught smiling that lasts all week!

photo 1 photo 2

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