What goes around, comes around…

Since we were young, the Jersey shore has provided us with many memories. The sun, salt, and sea have always been sources of serenity for us.


From the beginning, we wanted to not only partner with organizations but also do things as we see fit.

Today, we arrived in Miami and we wanted to avoid the South Beach scene so found something more our speed. Virginia Beach on Key Biscayne is a park that was intially created for African Americans in the 40’s.  The beaches here are natural beaches untouched by mankind.  We immediately felt a sense of calmness as we soaked up vitamin D.


After a few hours, we sat and reflected on the end of 2014 and what we can look forward to in 2015. 


We decided we would grab a garbage bag and take a walk until we filled it. We wanted to do our part in keeping this little oasis just that. 



On our way back, we got more than we ever expected.  Instantaneously, we came upon coconuts, fresh fruit, and seven of the most beautiful white roses at our toes. To us, this was mother natures of saying thank you. 



Today a new tradition has started, whenever we go to a beach we will bring an extra bag and help keep the beaches we visit beautiful. 

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