Midtown International School

The six months before my trip, my sister and husband moved home to NJ. I truly believe the six months we had together were meant to be as I leaned on my sister to give me the push I needed to hit the open road. Shortly after they moved home, I was given the greatest news a sister could ever get, I was going to be an aunt! Through the next few months, I was able to join my sister and her husband on their path to having a baby, including witnessing the ultrasound that revealed the baby’s gender! 

On New Years Day, Angie and Kenney made a tough decision to move back to Atlanta and create a place to call home for their new baby. At seven months pregnant this move would not have been possible without the help and support of her co-workers that I refer to as her “southern family.” Angie was welcomed back to her school she had previously worked at for the last five years. Not only would Baby Batman have the best childcare and education, the school’s administration team helped them find an apartment and even a former student’s family offered to help them move. 

As an older sister, on a different journey and not able to be around physically to help, I am thankful to know that my sister and her growing family are taken care of. While visiting my sister and spending time with my new nephew, I paid a visit to the Midtown International School to express my gratitude and at the very least provide breakfast for their weekly staff meeting. 

It was a pleasure to meet her co-workers and see her school. I even recognized some of the kids names as they ran after each other before school began. It was amazing and truly honoring to feel the love and kindness throughout the school. 

It truly makes being so far away from my sister and her family a little bit easier. 

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