Pike Market Food Bank

Arriving in Seattle meant the end of the second leg of our travels. We planned all along to spend a lot of time here with friends, knowing it would feel like home to us. It only seemed right to partner with an organization that gave us the same feeling. We wanted a place we could volunteer at each week and create a routine while making new friends. That happened immediately upon arriving at the Pike Market Food Bank and meeting manager, Brian who helps run the organization located in Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market.      


Dignity and service are at the heart of the Pike Market Food Bank mission. Open Tuesday and Thursday mornings, the food bank feeds 800 people a week, on average. They provide groceries to the elderly, homeless, and working poor within the Pike Place Market and Seattle communities. The food bank also provides clothing, baby supplies, and hygiene products which are donated by local businesses. The bakery at the market donates their day old bread and pastries and the chain high rise hotel donates toilet paper. Every little contribution helps and brings together a small community each day.

The food bank is a community driven organization with dedicated volunteers, many of whom are clients of the food bank themselves. They each contribute many hours to help meet the growing demand for the food bank’s services.   

   Each week we would arrive and join our new friends and help distribute food to those in need. Jo, our newest friend in Seattle holds a special place in our hearts, with her old school personality and the fact that she reminds us of our grandmas.    


 Our high school and greatest friend, Bruce helped as an honorary gypsy one week. 

  With a lack of volunteers manager’s daughter, Sydney helped on her time home on summer break. 

The gypsies spent a little over 5 weeks calling Seattle home as there is so much to offer in such a short distance outside of the city.   

   Our weekend trip to Mt. Rainier. 


     Discovering San Juan Islands and Ali’s first camping trip!   

       Upon leaving the Olympic National Park (the only rain forest in the continental U.S.) we had the pleasure of meeting the inspirational, the legend Mick Dodge. 


  Discovering eastern Washington with our oldest friend, Kristen when a hike quickly turned into a tasting.
Look out for our next post as we follow Jo and help at her community church.

One thought on “Pike Market Food Bank

  1. Awesome pics and story, Gypsies. Again, you really gave back to those in need. You are a true inspiration.


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