Get On My Level

About once a week I take a break and be sure to check in with my family. I’ll share a city, a national park, a landmark and sure enough my Dad has his own gypsy memory of his journeys moving my family cross country. Sure enough Reno, Nevada did not fall short.For nine months my parents and I lived in Reno when my Dad was transferred from Colorado. We lived in a small apartment near the airport, so close the windows shook with every landing. This could explain my ability to sleep though anything! Less than a year later and it wasn’t quite home for us three so my Dad was lucky enough to be transferred back to Colorado. We didn’t have the means to hire movers so my Dad sent my Mom and I first and told us he’d meet us soon with our stuff. My Dad made a sign “need help moving to Colorado” and sat outside the casinos, knowing with any luck someone with a truck would walk out broke from gambling everything. His plan worked and a couple days later we were all together again living in Colorado.

Lindsay and I arrived in Reno after dropping our gypsy friend Chris off at the airport. It was an exciting road trip as we drove through Donner Pass in flash flood warnings and a thunderstorm. I had just visited urgent care and was battling strep throat so I slept through the entire thing. Shocker! With the storm and my health conditions we thought it would be best to get a hotel. Harrahs it was for the night. It was perfect, I could sleep off my illness while Linds and Josh could stay entertained in the casino and of course check in on me.

During my nine months living in Reno when I was around a year old, I was told I spent a lot of time feeding the ducks at Sparks Marina Park. The next day, I woke up to blue skies and feeling better so we cleaned up the park I had once called home.


One thought on “Get On My Level

  1. Thks for the walk down memorie lane. Even though we spent a short time there we made friends that we still keep in touch with. It wasn’t a great place to raise children, but we sure did have fun going to the park & doing a lot of shopping at the mall. We could take you any where you were always up for a new adventure. It’s nice to see something’s never change. Safe travels girls Love yas Mom


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