Gypsy Car Wash Leads to Cosmic Days

Ruth, our housemate while we are here in Tahoe, is a screenwriter with a screenplay due on Monday. She also has a radio show every two weeks, “The Conversation –unscripted with Ruth Evelyn and Mary L. Holden.” She has invited the Gypsy Givers on her show and we, of course, excitedly accepted last night. When she asked for our help this morning, we had no hesitation. That’s what we do!

Unfortunately, Ruth’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer but has thankfully been in remission for eight years. Ruth’s friend had given her a car to use during that time. When he sadly passed away, his family still extended their kindness and gave Ruth the Lexus. Needless to say, this has been Ruth’s saving grace and crutch for the past decade. “Sam” as she calls him, is a ’91 silver Lexus and for the past couple months there have been signs telling her it is time to sell and move on. After a visit to the DMV the other day, it was official. Sam needs to go help someone else. Insert Gypsy Givers car wash!

Ruth asked us to help her get Sam ready for Craigslist so she could focus on her screenplay. We coordinated the wash with the cleaning of the hot tub so we could repurpose the water.  As the water drained, we moved her stuff from her car to storage, then vacuumed and washed Sam. IMAG0838


Then, we decided to do the same for Jacquie’s car for all she has done for us while we are here. She is a perfect host, letting us stay here and teaching us all she knows. We were on such a roll, Scarlet even got in on some of the action.DCIM100GOPRO

While we were outside, our neighbor Bret asked what we were doing the rest of the day. He kindly invited us to go hangout on Antu’s boat. What a cosmic day! We loved our time on the boat with Bret and crew. We made new friends and are still in awe of this picturesque lake. We went to Chimney Beach where the water is clearer than the Caribbean, Cave Rock where it is a deep blue, and over to the deepest part in Crystal Bay where it is 1,644 feet deep and purple. Thank you Antu and Bret for a majestic day on the boat and dinner!IMAG0845IMAG0841DCIM100GOPROIMAG0843

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