Down in Mexico

In typical gypsy fashion we make friends wherever we go. This summer we had the pleasure of meeting Javier and instantly started a friendship that will last a lifetime. We share the same friends back in New York which meant we were pretty sure of the kind of craziness we would get ourselves into. That’s why we didn’t hesitate when he invited us to join him and his crew for a weekend in Baja, Mexico. We left Northern California on a road trip to meet everyone in San Diego.  

 Alot of great memories kept us thinking of our first stop in California, just a few months ago. A lot has happened since we landed in San Diego back in February!

We arrived in the small town of Punta Cabras where a secluded lagoon awaited us and 60 of our newest friends. We were speechless as we took in the beauty of the beach we would call home for the next three days.   

Keeping true to our gypsy giving mission, we took some old friends and some new to clean up the beaches.  

  After a weekend of new memories and the promise to return again next summer, we shared our leftovers with Pedro, the owner of the land and our host who kept us happy all weekend long. 


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