Travel Tip: Receiving Mail General Delivery

Unfortunately, Scarlet does not have her own mail box, so local post offices have been a saving grace for us on the road.  As the USPS gets a lot of flack these days, the gypsies have begun to think otherwise.  We have met an amazing individual at one and have figured out a useful travel trick.  If you plan to be on the road and still need to receive mail, you can send any mail to a local United States Post Office under your name and label it “General Delivery”. For example, we were on the road for Mel’s birthday in August and a lot of friends and family wanted to send cards and presents.  We knew we would be in a specific town so we gave them the address of the local post office and they sent it to Mel’s attention with the byline “General Delivery”.  We have used this time and again ever since!  Enjoy the convenience of getting mail on the road! PO

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