Happy One Year on the Road

Yosemite National Park

Today marks one year we left our home in New Jersey on an adventure of a lifetime. We have seen memorable sunsets, quiet sunrises, and beautiful fresh waterfalls. We crossed many miles down to Florida across the country to San Diego and up to Olympic National Park in Washington. We caught our first fish on Camino Island in Washington. Summited our first peak in Big Bend National Park. Slept under the stars on the bottom of the Grand Canyon and on the beaches of Lake Tahoe. We spotted elusive creatures. The list could go on and on. There are many things we enjoyed in these special places all over the country, but nothing compares to the feeling we have after giving back to the places and people we have encountered. We fly out of Sacramento today coming full circle in our journey to spend time with those we love most during the holidays. These are also the people whose support will allow us to continue this epic journey another year. Cheers to another year!

One thought on “Happy One Year on the Road

  1. Awesome you are commemorating one year already, Gypsies! Here’s to the next one. Can’t wait to see you both. Many more adventures lie ahead for you in 2016!!


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