Home Away from Home 

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “how do you plan or know what’s next?” The thing is we have a loose plan and a list of places we want to see but what is most important is our free spirit that allows us to be spontaneous. Visiting Seattle for the month of February wasn’t in our original plan. Traveling solo wasn’t either, but we had the support from one another from coast to coast and my family and friends back east that made this solo trip a lesson in itself. For the next two months I was on my own and when visiting in Seattle all I wanted most was to feel comfortable and at home. 

So it was no surprise to anyone when I volunteered at the Pike Market Food Bank in downtown Seattle. We had made this our weekly staple when we were in Seattle back in May and I did the same while here in February. It felt like home, showing up, seeing familiar faces, and marching right over to my station to get to work helping those less fortunate. I caught up with the friends I made just months ago and made new friends, too. They all know my living situation and were sure to pack me with goodies for the van. 

When I left Seattle, it now felt like I was leaving home. 


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