Jazz Festival and Volunteers of America’s Fresh Food Factor

Jazz Festival is the reason we started making the trip to the soulful city of New Orleans.  This has become a yearly tradition, a second home if you will, filled with family and friends, good music and food.

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As of 2015, our trips to New Orleans are not complete for us without a stop at the Fresh Food Factor kitchen in the Warehouse District.  It is exciting to go back each time to catch up with James, the head chef.  We spent a few hours making 300 pulled chicken sandwiches with chili cheese fries (Mel’s excitement for anything French fries is indescribable).

FFF happily reported they would be adding 10 more summer camps this year to their roster.  They also have hired a dietician to oversee the menus.  IMG_3054We feel humbled each time the bustle in the kitchen increases, which means even more kids are being supplied with meals they wouldn’t otherwise have.  This increase forces them to rely on the help of volunteers more and more. As you can imagine, it can be quite the challenge in New Orleans to choose healthier options and Fresh Food Factors is making a better lifestyle for the future of their community.

2 thoughts on “Jazz Festival and Volunteers of America’s Fresh Food Factor

  1. Hi guys, you in town this year for jazz fest. Reason I ask is we are revamping our website and I told them about these Gypsy givers who keep coming back! They would like to come take some pics for our website and meet you.


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