Summer Camp Music Festival

Summer Camp Music Festival (scamp) has been on our bucket list for over 15 years! It’s three days of our favorite band in addition to a lineup that includes bands we’ve loved for years and new bands we’ve discovered on the road.

While we’ve been on the road, we’ve written posts where we volunteer in exchange for a free weekend pass to other music fests. This time we were fortunate to receive VIP tickets, something we aren’t too familiar with. Although we were treated with VIP status this weekend we still felt the need to volunteer. So we joined the Yodeladies, an organization that started in 2007 as a play on words to moe.’s song, Yodeladie.

Their mission is simple. Yodeladies is a women led association of individuals who actively promote a friendly and safe environment for women in the At shows, Yodeladies will often provide local information, including important phone numbers, health and safety resources, and various sundries (condoms, tampons, etc.) that might be needed. They welcome the support of anyone who loves moe. and is committed to creating a positive environment for women in the moe. community.

Shortly after setting up our campsite we headed on over to their booth. We spent the afternoon making new friends and learning more about the organization. You can certainly see us volunteering with these Yodeladies in the future.


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