Cheers to Two Years! 

Of the many lessons learned on the road, the one we’ve embraced the most is the free spirit lifestyle that comes from living in our van. Meeting different people and taking unexpected routes has led us to some amazing and unplanned adventures. 
We started the new year home in NJ with friends and family. Shortly after, we each explored opposite coasts of Mexico. A massive snow storm in the east canceled flights and future plans, but no matter how far or how long apart we were from one another we were still able to help others for the three months separated until we met again in Florida. 

We spent a month living like locals in New Orleans, revisiting places we volunteered with in the past (Fresh Food Factor) and making new friends volunteering at Villalobos Pitbulls and Paroles. 

En route to the Rockies, Scarlet got her first flat tire. We were trying (key word, trying) to get lost in the desert of what Burn Man calls home, the playa. Unknown at the time, I would be spending a week with 100,000 other festival goers later in the summer. We spent most of the summer in Colorado, calling Denver our home base and exploring the mountains. We were joined by friends and family during the summer who we most certainly turned into honorary gypsies while they helped us volunteer in Denver. 

It’s not quite like summer without a trip home though. We celebrated our beautiful friends’ wedding and welcomed our newest gypsy niece, Eily. 

September had us in awe as we discovered national parks, Bryce and Zion located in southern Utah. We became Santa’s helpers at The Happy Factory by volunteering and making toys for kids which is one of our favorite gigs to date. We dropped off two hundred toys to those in need at local hospitals in two very special places we call home, Lake Tahoe and Sacramento. 

We revisited our friends at the Healy Senior Center for our favorite holiday, Thanksgiving and even got our first radio interview on KMUD. 

We are spending the rest of the year with our families and friends, with some exciting adventures on the horizon. 

We send many thanks to those supporting our dreams and helping us transform them into a reality. 

Shine on and much love! 

Cheers to two years!

2 thoughts on “Cheers to Two Years! 

  1. How Absuluty Wonderful! You both Rock!! An ADVENTURE OF A LIFE TIME!! SO Great how you stopped and helped people!! God Bless the both of you!!


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