Redeeming Soles II

When we revisit places where we volunteer we love the feeling of connectivity it provides us, familiar faces, knowing the general ropes and being surrounded by like-minded individuals. What we also enjoy is being able to learn even more about the company and sometimes we get to try different tasks than the first time. In […]

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Women’s March 

I don’t enjoy protests. I don’t like large crowds, unless it’s festival season and I don’t like aggressive ‘tudes. So when my best friends and I planned a surprise visit to Seattle and they asked me to join the 175,000 other women in the city’s Women’s March I hesitated. Don’t get me wrong, I fully […]

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Winter FUNdraiser

Volunteering and working with kids is the most difficult gig to get on the road and rightfully so, asking for background checks, references, finger prints, ok maybe not finger prints. So when my sister, Angie, asked if I could volunteer my time while visiting for the holidays I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Angie has […]

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