Winter FUNdraiser

Volunteering and working with kids is the most difficult gig to get on the road and rightfully so, asking for background checks, references, finger prints, ok maybe not finger prints. So when my sister, Angie, asked if I could volunteer my time while visiting for the holidays I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Angie has been every position here at International Preschools and Midtown International School in the Atlanta, Georgia area. From positions on the administration side to the teacher she’s always wanted to become, also creating core curriculums for every grade. Ok, enough bragging, but she rocks, duh! So when she researched a new, cutting edge program called Kaymbu, the rest of the administration team was on board. Kaymbu is an iPad based app that was designed by parents for teachers. This alone is clear that my sister’s school would benefit greatly from it as they know the importance of parent involvement. The Kaymbu program is web-based technology that connects the classroom and parents in a much faster way. From sending out daily activity logs to emergency school updates and so much more that even I can’t wrap my head in the direction schools are in today. Much different then when I was in school. The downside, it’s not cheap. So how can a school afford the program? A FUNdraiser, of course!

When Angie asked for my help I thought I was going to spend an evening with boring parents and silent auctions. Nope. She coordinated a winter fun day during their school’s two week holiday break! The kids were excited to be back at school for the afternoon on a non school day! We had 19 kids and 4 adults complete with fun activities including gym time and playing with Lego’s taller than me! We made tree ornaments and played outside during the sunny 60 degree afternoon. We ate snacks (one of my favorite activities). And the best part of it all was spending the day with my nephew and sister, in their school and classrooms. Pick-up time was great seeing the kids exhausted and not wanting to go home because they were having too much fun. I think I was the most exhausted! We went home and I joined my Otto for a nap.

3 thoughts on “Winter FUNdraiser

  1. Great story and pics of your Fundraiser day at Angie’s preschool. Love seeing Otto and his playmates. Awesome way to help, Aunt Mel! ✌❤😀


  2. Hey, were you in Atlanta? My grandson Ben Linz is a Physical Therapiest there.

    If you find him, say “hello” for me.

    Love the new inventive way to teach.

    Hugs, Eileen


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