All for the Kids

Today went down a little differently than the other days here at Baan Dada.  We didn’t have much interaction with any of the kids but we did a lot to help them inadvertently.  We also got the chance to learn a lot more about the sponsorship program they have instated here.

We left for our first market in Huay Mai Lai village at 6:30 a.m. 20170216_064012 Luckily we had a bangin’ coffee guy across the street from where we were set up so he kept our energy high for the day.

Mel went back for another cup it was so delicious, a huge upgrade from the Nescafe.

We set everything up and were able to take turns shopping the market and eating everything in sight. wp-image-568509799jpg.jpg

The Thursday markets are volunteer run for the most part and they sell donated items as well as the cake the girls make. IMG_5052wp-image-1834370908jpg.jpgwp-image-507690307jpg.jpg

IMG_20170216_094702 The proceeds from the market each week feed all the kids for the week.  This market is a very important source of funding for them but when donations are low they don’t have a lot of items and profits can vary.  We packed up our first market by 9:30 a.m.

On the way out I got to help make sugar cane juice for our hardworking crew.17238699_1297166700320280_526923248_n

We were able to sneak in a little more painting before lunch and got some rest before our second market, which was back in Sangkhlaburi.  We are getting very accustomed to these rides in the back of the pickup truck.

We set up outside of the market because we don’t actually pay to have a table there.  It wasn’t that busy so we got to hear more about the sponsorship of kids.  Not every child has a sponsor here.  It costs about $85/month to sponsor one child.  You get the option of choosing which child otherwise they usually assign the kids whom are going off to college since they cost a little more to support.  The program also allows the kids to practice their languages while they communicate with the donors.  Some of the kids then get the opportunity to visit other countries if they have their card and proper paperwork.   This is an option that is not possible without the donors help.

Some of the kids came over to the market after school to help.  We got finished around 7:30 pm and went for a team dinner at B.S.M. Steakhouse, which was the most American meal we have had in weeks.

No meal out at market is complete for us without coconut sesame balls.  We’re addicted.  We were home just in time to say goodnight to the kids, a personal favorite part of every day at Baan Dada.


2 thoughts on “All for the Kids

  1. Another wonderful and interesting story of your time at Baan Dada. Great how you are helping the kids in so many ways. Thanks, Gypsies, for giving back and helping others always. You inspire me. ❤❤❤


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