Travelling with the Gypsy Givers 

Lindsay and Melody are 2 of the most positive, free spirited and inspirational people I have ever met. They always see the best in people at first glance. Their kindness and gentle approach to life has inspired me more than ever to keep trying to step out of my comfort zone however hard it is. […]

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Do All the Good You Can

During the weekdays breakfast is served after the kids take the bus to school. It’s a leisurely meal. Volunteers stumble in around 8 Thai time but not me. I’m putting coffee on waiting to see what Mame made for me this morning. We take the hour and talk about the day ahead, what needs to […]

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The Good Kind

Not only are we here to volunteer and share our love with the children but we are passionate about learning from them and embracing their lifestyle, too. That means we are sleeping on thin mats under mosquito nets and taking cold bucket showers.  For the next week we are vegans who do not drink alcohol and […]

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