Travelling with the Gypsy Givers 

Lindsay and Melody are 2 of the most positive, free spirited and inspirational people I have ever met. They always see the best in people at first glance. Their kindness and gentle approach to life has inspired me more than ever to keep trying to step out of my comfort zone however hard it is. The joy they have in all they do and their ability to laugh at themselves is the most refreshing thing to witness and be around. I am honoured to have met you and become your ‘brilliant’ younger sister.

At Baan Dada, listening to you talk about the gypsy giver adventure you’ve been on and seeing your love for each other and everyone around you, completely inspired me. My one job for your talk was to take some photos, but I was too engrossed in listening, and also seeing the passion and joy in both your eyes when speaking, I took the worst photos possible! As you left and asked me if I wanted to volunteer at the elephants with you, I couldn’t say no! Volunteering at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary was hard work but learning about what the elephants and forest had been through, made it easier. A highlight for me was seeing the friendship between Arun Rhea and Saria Mia, and learning how they hadn’t known each other very long, yet clicked and looked like life-long friends. As we sat at the bridge, we were in the moment of watching the elephants play in the water, Lindsay said the same analogy, I smiled as I had thought the same thing!
After 3 wonderful weeks with these fabulous girls, who’s strength, kindness and positive attitude has inspired me completely, there are some words I’ll never be able to say again; brilliant, elephant, pan au chocola (all of course said in the best of British accents), put things into perspective, ding dong, 22, and you don’t like that remember, without a huge smile on my face. Melody and Lindsay truly do good in all ways they can. See you later 32 & 33.

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