Magical Karmatic Moment #1

After driving in a circle for an hour on our way to Wilkesboro (opps), we created our one and only rule: we can only make a mistake once. When we were finally on the correct route it looked like we were driving to Newton. We got to the beautiful Carolina’s house, real name Carrie, and she happens to have a VW Westafalia, Irene.


We drove down and parked at the local pizza joint, Branciforte’s Brick Oven. We set up some blankets and tapestries to sit on while we blasted Christmas music and handed out eggnog and cookies.



It was so exciting to get our first customer…as well as our 2nd and 3rd etc.


People were so shocked we were doing this for free! It was so nice to spread Christmas cheer and bring smiles to everyone. People shared their holiday and travel plans with us. It felt really good! We were getting ready to leave so we handed a tin of cookies to the employees at the pizza shop. We went to go get gas for Irene and came back to pick up Scarlet when, to our surprise, the employees came out and said they were looking for us. They wanted to give us a free pizza! It was like Christmas morning!


The fact that we inspired others to give meant that our spirit and efforts were starting to make a difference. Spreading good karma is what it’s all about and it has already started on day 5! Thank you Branciforte’s Brick Oven and Carolina for being part of that moment with us and for the instant best friendship we will never forget! Kindness is meant to be shared— tis the season!




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