Kindred Spirits

Growing up we have always had dogs, cats, even iguanas as an extension of our families. It only seemed right for today’s volunteer trip to be at the Animal Rescue New Orleans.
ARNO is an organization created and dedicated to the rescue and aid of abandoned and homeless animals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi. ARNO promotes foster, adoption and the reunion of pets with caretakers.
Today, we had the privilege to work with ARNO and meet hundreds of puppies and cats. (Please know that I refer to all dogs as puppies so don’t get the wrong idea). We spent the afternoon helping out with basic everyday chores.




It was love at first sight! Linds and I have met our kindred spirits in two poodles. We are totally alike in every sense of the word. Most importantly, they are total besties and hate being apart. Hopefully all the animals will be adopted soon but if not you can be sure our kindred spirits will be part of our family once we can provide a happy home.


After an afternoon of work and long goodbyes, we arrived to a home cooked meal at our friends house, who are more like family to us.



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