Shhhh…read a book!

One goal we had on this journey is to learn to be quiet and one with ourselves.  We thought maybe a library would be a good place to practice this mantra.  We contacted the Houston Public Library to volunteer our services for an afternoon.


The pouring rain made it the perfect day to spend inside surrounded by books.  As we approached the library, we thought we would just make a run for it.  The joke was on us! We went the wrong way and had to run all the way around the building to the entrance.  Luckily, once we were inside, friendly faces in the Community Engagement office greeted us. We were put right to work!

photo 1-2

We realized one way to keep us quiet is asking us to count!


We needed a sign, “Do not disturb while counting.” After we finished that, we got to play with legos!  We more or less organized boxes for kids, but we had fun with it too.


photo 3 LIBRARY785_1

Mel and I find it extremely important for the future of America to open a book and read.


We aren’t just talking tablets but actual books.  It’s also an added bonus that the pages of a book smell musty yet wonderful.  Houston Public Library shares the same vision.  Their goal is to get their “My Link” library card into the hands of every student in Houston.  They plan to visit every school to make this possible.  We were so blessed to be able to do our part in helping them with their mission and look forward to visiting Houston again!


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