Keep Austin Beautiful

After two days of abnormal rain here in Texas we woke up welcoming the sunshine! This morning, we partnered with Keep Austin Beautiful. Since 1985 the organization has been preserving the quality of the city. Their vision is simple: for Austin to be the cleanest most beautiful community.

Linds and I, plus about 30 locals met early this morning to help clean up Highway 360. Today’s goal was to clean up Christmas decorations as well as your typical highway garbage.
After given two trash pickers and a couple pair of gloves we started along the highway.





My mind went immediately to my 97 year old great Aunt Jeanie. For as long as I remember she used the same garbage picker to clean up Trinity and Spring streets in Newton. In 1995, she was awarded Citizen of the Year. Along with keeping her local streets cleaned, she was very active in the community and a member of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. She was a true Gypsy Giver! This morning her spirit kept us smiling as we cleaned up Highway 360.


2 thoughts on “Keep Austin Beautiful

  1. Hi Lindsay & Mel, Hope the weather down south is better than the northeast! Are you two keeping a diary? Good luck and keep the travel info coming.
    Hugs, Eileen


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