Helping Hands Run

From the beginning plans of this trip, we we wanted to run a race while on the road. Our research, up until last week, wasn’t producing any runs that either met our timing or our standards for which charity the proceeds would go to. When Mel came across the Helping Hands Race we knew this was the one for us.

Hospice of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona is a non-profit that would be receiving 100% of the proceeds from the run. This is the 7th year Alpha Kappa Pi is hosting this run and this year Helping Hands is donating these funds for their pediatric non-urgent medical needs. Last year, Helping Hands raised $15 million in charity care that went towards non-medical urgent needs such as funeral costs and final wishes. 

Hospice is very dear to our hearts especially this year and we decided to run this race in memory of our dear friend Laura. Laura spent some time in hospice prior to becoming our angel up above this summer. We also ran it for Mel’s Nan, Irene, who is currently in the hands of hospice at 88 years old.  This race is extremely important for us in sending our vibes and love back north to Nan.  

Yesterday, while hanging outside with an old friend, Melissa Veit Topel, her husband Toby Topel, and their two dogs Baxter and Zoey, Mel had a brilliant idea to help give back. We picked grapefruits to bring to the race.  We had so much fun doing it while listening to music and enjoying the sunshine. We filled six bags and one box. 

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We arrived this morning with our donations. We set some outside our van and brought some over to the snack table.  We were proud to be alongside other local sponsors. 


We had a beautiful run and got to see part of the Tempe campus of Arizona State University.


IMG_23429645440124 IMG_23503106805773

Thank you hospice for all the lives you touch every year all over the country. Thank you to the Topels for their hospitality and for being honorary gypsy givers for the weekend. Our thoughts and prayers are with Nan and Laura today and every day. 


2 thoughts on “Helping Hands Run

  1. This is your best story yet. Can’t wait to show Nan the pics of you running a race in her honor, and for your friend Laura’s memory. Love you, Gypsies! Keep spreading your love and kindness…


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