The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

We were greeted in Green Valley, Arizona by the familiar face of our high school English teacher, Dolce. We have been on the road for nearly two months and warmth of a friend’s face never gets old. Dolce and his wife, Judy, opened their home to us gypsies. For the next two nights they offered us everything from a warm bed, the best margaritas (which are served in a family owned restaurant from 1940s and about 15 miles from the border of Mexico) and a guided tour of Madera Canyon.


Today, we traveled about 20 miles north to Tucson. We partnered with The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona (CFB). We spent the afternoon in their distribution center sorting through locally grown and donated produce. We were elbows deep in chili peppers!





The distribution center is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Saturday. The CFB distributes over 63,000 meals a day! This is by far the greatest food bank we have had the privilege to partner with. With 19 years in service, they have a long history of reliable delivery programs, emergency food distribution, child hunger programs, and community gardening lessons.
In 2013 the food bank was named as one of the “10 Top-Notch Charities” in the nation. We were so lucky to help and we learned a lot.

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