Madison, Wisconsin

Sometimes we are needed when least expected. We had been discussing what we
would do for the state of Wisconsin, reaching out to organizations with no prevail. A
state that we started to surprisingly fall in love with as it reminds us of home (with
better cheese). We woke up with so much energy after falling asleep at Scarlet’s
first drive-in movie. It started to rain as we approached Madison, Wisconsin. We
weren’t sure what to do. We try to get some sort of physical activity in each day so
we decided on yoga. As the gods would have it once we pulled in, the sun came out.
We took the bikes down and were ready to explore.
On the way in to town we passed a bike loop with a bunch of people on it so we
headed for the lake loop. As we were pedaling we noticed lots of scuba divers– first

time for everything as we never saw scuba divers in a lake.

As we rode around we saw garbage bags full on the shores of the lake. IMAG1171We decided to stop at a pop-up tent where they had scuba gear around the perimeter. IMG_1666The gentleman explained to us that for several years they have managed to bring together the community for amonth long cleanup. The scuba divers are picking stuff up from the bottom of the lake and collecting it for disposal. There are also people picking up trash along the shoreline. Fate took hold of this one and we grabbed an empty bag and hopped

back on our bikes passed the pier.

We filled up the garbage bag and added it to the pile of items ranging from tires to whole bikes!IMAG1170 We were happy to be part of this community event. Culver’s Lake in NJ, you’re next!

This was the most bike able city we have been to yet and happy that our volunteer
mission was done on bikes! The divers today said they have teams from all over the
county putting their differences aside for a “green” cause. I think that should be
done more often in most cases. People tend to worry about the small stuff rather
than our beautiful Mother Nature providing us with all we truly need.

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