Open Arms of Minnesota

The summers between 5th and 8th grade my mom had to work. So in between sports camps and friends’ sleepovers I spent a lot of my summer days with my Great Aunt Anna and Great Uncle Jim. We would do everything from crafts, swim in their famous above ground pool, play bocci ball, dress up and make believe (I’m nearly 33 and still play dress up) and volunteer. A few times a week Aunt Anna and I would drive around Newton and deliver food for Meals on Wheels. I was happy to spend time in the car with my aunt as she was a good listener and had great taste in music. FullSizeRender

Today, we partnered with Open Arms of Minnesota. Their notion is simple– people who are sick should not be without food. Yet every day people in our community with life-threatening illnesses find themselves unable to shop or cook and are often without the support network to help.IMG_1714

That’s where Open Arms of Minnesota comes in.  Open Arms of Minnesota cooks and delivers free, nutritious meals to people living with life-threatening and chronic illness in the Twin Cities. With the help of more than 5,000 volunteers, they’ve delivered half a million delicious meals this year to people living with cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), as well as their caregivers and dependents.

We arrived to their gorgeous facilities late in the morning and had the run down of our delivery plan. We packed up Scarlet with large blue coolers and hit the road. We put on some good tunes, used their well written out directions instead of our phone’s GPS and hit the road.

We spent the afternoon exploring the twin cities and delivering meals to those in need. It was an extra special day delivering food and smiles knowing Aunt Anna was right along our side.

We returned the coolers at home base and were offered a meal to take on the road with us, just to see how delicious their home cooked meals really are. Yum!

5 thoughts on “Open Arms of Minnesota

  1. This is my favorite post of yours so far! Aunt Anna would be so happy and proud of you. She, Nan, and all our Aunts, set a great example of giving back and helping those less fortunate. You are channeling them with all your great deeds and selflessness. This makes me so proud and happy, big love to you, Gypsies!! 🚗👍😎❤


  2. I can’t agree more, Cindy. Every time I read a post from Gypsy Givers I think to myself “How Anna and Jim would SO love this whole thing and brag about it to everyone!”


  3. Do you know my son lives in Minnesota? Corey Linz, Marshall, MN. He would love to see you both. Marshall is in the southwest section of the state. 507 532-5391 I’m in Black Mountain, N.C. for the month. Great place, very pretty.

    Love and hugs, Eileen


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