Grow. Learn. Sustain. Enjoy. Repeat.

It has been a heart-warming two weeks in sunny Colorado.  Familiar faces and close friends here make it feel a lot like home.  The balance we experience between the city life and the fresh mountain air have made our souls smile.

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It has been hard to get a smile off our faces actually.  It was our turn to return the favor. We joined forces with Project Helping and worked on Ekar Farm in the heart of Denver.


“Project Helping uses the joy of purpose created by volunteering to improve mental wellness.”  This mission is something we strongly support.  After 19 months on the road, we can honestly say we are a living example of this.  Our endorphins are raging every time we leave a volunteer project.  Feeling a little down– give back and you’re guaranteed to feel better.  It was a perfect fit to join forces with Project Helping.

Ekar Farm is an urban farm and community garden dedicated to educating the community and donating their food to low income neighborhoods and food banks.  We got a tour of the farm, which is inspired by Jewish values.  Grow. Learn. Sustain. Enjoy. Repeat.  They began in 2009 with just two gentlemen with a vision to repair the world.  They have not only fresh organic produce but also honey beehives (a scary epidemic which needs our help and protection) and a worm farm.

We set out for over an hour and helped to weed rows and rows of vegetables.  IMG_2052It was fun to be involved in this with 8 other individuals all with the same love for making a difference. Once we were finished, two gardeners in the community area needed our help lugging bags of mulch so the whole team pitched to help them, too.  A true community effort!  As a token of their gratitude we had a pizza party afterwards while we got to know one another.  It was a fun night in the dirt.  We will be sure to collaborate with them again soon!

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