I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Jumboland was our first place of employment. Yes, both of us. Although having worked there through our high school years we never shared a shift together. Smart owner. Jumboland is famous for their taylor ham, foot long hot dogs, and ice cream.
I loved working behind the ice cream counter! Not only did it keep me cool during my hot summer shifts, but the love I put into every dish, cone and shake was like nothing else. I also can’t forget about the tastings between customers! One of my favorites was Danali’s Original Moose Tracks; the perfect blend of fudge and peanut butter with vanilla ice cream. When we were asked to partner with The Salvation Army and their ice cream challenge, which was being sponsored by and only serving Moose Tracks, we were in!

Still having honorary gypsy Melissa on board, the three of us spent the afternoon in downtown Denver in Skyline Park. We did everything from advertising and cleaning up, to dishing the scoops. Oh, and a taste here and there, too.

With a goal of serving 10,000 scoops nationwide, The Salvation Army donated $1 for each scoop to local families to help prepare them for the new school year by providing school supplies.

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