How We Live a Vandwelling Lifestyle

How do you afford this lifestyle?  Are you trust fund babies?  These are the two most common and sometimes first questions we get on the road.  The truth of the matter is, we worked hard and continue to work hard in order to live this lifestyle.  Prior to leaving for this adventure of a lifetime we made worthwhile sacrifices to our NYC life.  We moved into one room in a small two-bedroom apartment to cut our rent and utility costs.  We opened up a joint savings account that we deposited “X” amount into each month for 14 months leading up to our departure.  We opted to only go to one concert out of three when our favorite band was playing in town.  Those are the types of sacrifices we made without completely changing the way we lived.  After all, we were content with our life in NYC we just knew there was more out there. We knew volunteering to help others would provide us and those we encountered with a greater fulfillment.

It’s all about BALANCE.  We haven’t stopped working either.  Our full-time 9-5pm jobs are now freelance positions where we provide part-time work.  We pop into cafés all over the country almost every day to get a little bit of that work done with free Wi-Fi.

This has actually been a plus for us because some of the most gracious and kind individuals we have met were at these temporary workstations. Other times, we are working at our campsites or even in the back of Scarlet.  The road is our office.

Annually, we set up a Gypsy Giver pop-up shop in our home town where we sell some of our belongings to raise money. This helps keep Scarlet on the road.  We are fashion majors so you can imagine the extent of what our closets used to be and how that’s changed as we are now operating out of single storage bins underneath our bed in Scarlet. The shop is usually set up alongside a local band at a bar.

This year we will be hosting one with a local favorite band, Uncle Stump, at Third Base Pub in Branchville on August 5th beginning at 7pm13668955_1801954743373651_5203719469099792731_nOur efforts in helping those in our community will be emphasized by collecting Back to School items for dispersement at a local food pantry.   We enjoy shedding the extra layers, helping others, and keeping Scarlet healthy.

We are always up for new opportunities to make money as well.  Recently, I’ve become a Young Living Essential Oils member.  An earth conscious lifestyle by using oils has become more and more of our mojo over the past 18 months on the road.  The bottles are small and multifunctional.  I found a product that is 100% natural therapeutic grade and just by sharing my knowledge and love for oils I receive a commission on purchases made under my member ID.  It is fulfilling to help others learn how to improve their wellness.


So, no we are not trust fund babies. We are far from that.  Everything you have seen over the past 19 months we have created. We receive support from our family, friends and gracious strangers along the way but we are our sole providers making just enough to get by. We are inspired and driven to make this even bigger than it is. We encourage others who say they wish they could do what we are doing to realize anyone can do it even if it may be on a smaller scale.  Anything is possible. We are always open to new ways of making some more money to continue this dream of making a difference…. until we get a book deal or end up on Ellen that is. 😉

2 thoughts on “How We Live a Vandwelling Lifestyle

  1. Love this post. Happy you Gypsies are continuing on your adventure of travelling and giving back into your second year now. Love you, look forward to seeing you soon.🚗✌❤


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