Soles for Souls

As much as the road has helped us realize who we are and allows us to show our true colors, one thing that has not changed is our shoe fetish.  We have downsized in so many ways but something that always remains the same is the excess amount of shoes.  In fact, they have somehow taken over a whole corner in the van.


Our continued effort in trying new ways to give back has landed me at Redeeming Soles in Seattle, WA.  A fairly young non-profit, just 5 years old, they are growing at fast rate.  They provide footwear, keeping in consideration fit and feel, to men, women and kids in need throughout the Pacific North West.  Gently used or new shoes are donated from individuals as well as new shoes from companies such as Brooks.  They also have shoe drives and collaborate with other organizations such as the Rock and Roll Marathon which is a unique opportunity where the runners are asked to donate their shoes after running in exchange for flip-flops from Brooks.  They are beginning to prep now for their annual fundraising event with the Seattle Seahawks football players where they will have a meet and greet.

I arrived at the Redeeming Soles 1800 square ft. distribution center for a couple hours of hands-on help in sorting, cleaning and boxing up shoes for organizations to pick up.

Every Wednesday they are open from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at the warehouse.  I was in charge of getting shoes ready for an event this Sunday where a pop-up shop will be setup for homeless to come and pick up what they need.  What sets Redeeming Soles apart from other companies is they genuinely want the recipient to have shoes that are good for their feet, meaning no holes and good for walking.  If you want to help and can’t donate shoes they accept monetary donations at  A $20 donation provides 20 shoes!

Thank you Jessica, Tim, and Keith for all your efforts in making a difference in the Seattle area.  Thank you for believing in our efforts and giving us new soles for making an impact wherever our feet take us next!


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