Full Moon

This has been the most challenging week of our lives. The mental challenge of working in the heat combined with the physical challenge of working in the heat tested every bit of our mind and body. I am sitting by a campfire as I write this, in the middle of the jungle, admiring March’s full moon with the other eight female volunteers. We are drinking ice beer, listening to Khamlin crunch on her sugar cane, discussing what part of the week hit us the most followed by laughs at overcoming it all.After our morning chores, we took a handful of bananas each and walked about a half an hour into the jungle and met the elephants. We spent the morning there feeding them, watching them eat, and interact with each other. I could watch them for hours. A truck arrived with a load of sugarcane. They are so gentle it’s mesmerizing to witness.

Our afternoon chores seemed a bit harder in the heat of the day, but with a team of eight strong females and an elephant in the way, we got them done fairly quickly. My favorite time of day is easily the evening feedings, and tonight seemed more special as it was our last one here.

We ended the evening with a bonfire under the full moon. Cambodia will hold a special place in my heart because of my time spent learning and living with these majestic creatures.

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