Vietnam, a country that has charm in every corner you explore. Geographically the country is long and narrow. Its entire east coast boarders the South China Sea. It’s common for travelers to travel the entire country by motorbikes from north to south. So naturally the Gypsies did it from south to north without motorbikes. (Those come into play later.) Vietnam was the only country we didn’t have a planned organization to volunteer with prior to arriving. Naturally, we took matters into our own hands. The vast coast line is like nothing I’ve ever seen and unfortunately the growing tourism is leaving the beaches filthy. With the help of a couple honorary gypsies, Logan and Sean, we were able to clean up as much as possible.
Whale Island, Nah Trang

Whale Island is located two hours from the city of Nha Trang. An eco-friendly island, Whale Island seems, at first, to be clean and beautiful but hiking across the island was a different story as there were loads of trash that washed up along shore. Rice bags had also washed up, so we grabbed three of them and filled them up with trash. We hiked back across the island in the extreme heat of the day to get to our resort and dispose of all the trash properly. 

Niuchua National Park, Phan Rrang

This group of bikers took us in for the night and showed us a secluded beach in the park. They provided us with delicious food, tent, and laughs for a lifetime. We woke up the next morning and cleaned the beach. 
An Bang Beach, Hoi An

Our clean up in one of our favorite stops in Vietnam, An Bang Beach Hoi An, was extra rewarding when locals helped out, too. We frequented a place for coconut coffee every morning at Sound of Silence so it was only right to end our clean up here and once hearing of what we do they gave us a 20% discount.

Tang and her family took me in and made sure my belly was always full for my beach clean ups. On my last night, she closed her restaurant and her husband cooked a feast for me and my new friends. 
Ha Long Bay
One of the seven natural wonders of the world. With over 500 cruise ships the bay is filling up with trash. We jumped into kayaks and picked up as much trash as we could fit while soaking in the vast beauty. Every morning locals hop in their boats, too, and join the effort in cleaning up the bay.

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