Frankford Township Elementary school is where we began. I moved here in the 3rd grade (1993) and met Lindsay shortly after. As you can tell we’ve been inseparable ever since. My brother in law, Jacob, is as of today 12 years old and is a student in Ms Guida’s 6th grade class. The two called and asked if the Gypsies would take time out of our day to speak for 50, yes 50 whole minutes in their language arts class. Just recently, the Gypsy Givers were brought up in a class discussion and then next I knew we were being asked join the classroom for a deeper look into our GG mission. 

Less than 24 hours after landing in NJ, I was walking the halls of FTS. We spent 3rd-8th grade in these halls. We developed friendships with our peers and some staff members that we consider family to this day. 

Before Linds and I departed ways to explore opposite coasts for the next few weeks, we spent some time, along with our sister/teacher Angie, to create a PowerPoint type of presentation that would be truthful, entertaining, and enlightening. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous to speak to this age group as they are in full mature mode. Their minds hanging on to every word you say, or the opposite, and unenthusiastically passing notes to each other for entertainment instead. 

I entered the room and immediately handed out apples and clementines, both staples in the van during our travels. Slide by slide students asked questions. Some were common questions we’ve been asked multiple times while traveling, while others made me take a moment to think. I wanted to provide answers that were from the heart. Two minutes before the bell rang and students were still asking questions as they shuffled out the door. 

My heart felt more full as Jacob and I left school together. We spent his rainy birthday in the movie theater, stuffing our face with popcorn and sour candy. It was the perfect end to an inspirational day!

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