The Wettest Place on Earth


Before arriving in Hawaii I would have never guessed it to be the wettest place on Earth.  Logan telling me so and reading the sign at the lookout was just not enough clarification. Much to my dismay we got caught in daily downpours on what would start as beautiful sunny days on Kauai.  The hike along the Napali coastline and deep in the jungle were just as beautiful as the next, but both involved at least four miles of hiking during downpours.Snapchat-1868096201

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It was a way of keeping cool but very soggy. I get it now. I believe it.  Kauai is the wettest place on Earth! Rightfully so, as this place is so gorgeously lush with vegetation, waterfalls, beaches and the ocean. IMG_20170622_152930.jpg

The rain falls high up in the mountains and makes its way out the river mouth into the sea.  Climate change has brought even more unpredictable rains.  Nowadays there is no need for picking the legendary Hawaiian flower Ohia Lehua in order for it to rain.

It is apparent that much of Hawaiian culture revolves around the ocean with the delicious, fresh seafood, surfing, tourism and even relaxation alike.

For World’s Ocean Day we decided to take part in a beach cleanup as our way of helping to make a difference in keeping the ocean and beach clean.  IMG_20170608_162450It not only makes it nicer for beachgoers but it provides a safer beach for anyone in and out of the ocean enjoying it.  Most importantly it helps to clean up the mess we have created as humans by polluting our oceans around the world.  Items wash up here from all around the world and harm the marine life.

We joined hands for an hour with 32 other volunteers including guests of the Sheraton, locals, staff and the Surfrider Foundation at the cleanup. FB_IMG_1497676218368

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit organization formed in the 80’s by surfers in California dedicated to protect the ocean beaches of the world.  They have 90 chapters worldwide. We helped the passionate Kauai Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.  We combed the shores and rocks collecting plastic, bottles and broken down glass, cigarette butts, netting and much more.  IMG_20170608_162533IMG_20170608_153525Afterwards, we treated ourselves with a dip in the beautiful blue waters of Hawaii. IMG_20170612_105215

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