Home Is Whenever I’m With You

The Gypsy Givers spent the end of spring and summer months home on the east coast. We were reunited after spending a few weeks, OK, 5 weeks apart. Every Friday we came together at the place that started our love for volunteering and helping others, The Bodhi Food Pantry in Lafayette, NJ.

Over the past four months we helped over 700 people with
800 bagels
300 watermelons
100+ pounds of jersey fresh corn and tomatoes
20 Umbrellas (on a rainy morning)
16 food deliveries
2 cartwheels,
all the while welcoming 1 new family member


One thought on “Home Is Whenever I’m With You

  1. This is beautiful and exactly what people need to see happening! Be proud of yourselves girls!! Honored to be part of the giving with you both!


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