A Gypsy Thanksgiving Tradition

This Thanksgiving the Gypsy Givers celebrated a tradition of their own.  The Givers were happy to make their way back for a third year in a row to the Healy Senior Center in Humbolt County, California.

Being the newest gypsy I was asked to share the experience and it only felt right that my first event celebrated Thanksgiving and being grateful.  As we arrived, I got to watch the senior center welcome Mel and Lindsay back with open arms and smiling faces. You could clearly see that everyone was happy to have the Gypsies back to help with the annual Thanksgiving day lunch. After catching up briefly, we were promptly put to work setting up and serving a delicious meal to almost 20 excited guests from the community.  There was plenty of turkey, stuffing, and all the fixings for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and no one forgot to go in for seconds on dessert.



It was really nice to see the local community come together and enjoy catching up with good stories and a few laughs.  Being part of the Gypsies and feeding off their enthusiasm for the days’ events was contagious.  Anyone who has been around Melody and Lindsay know their infectious smile and laugh are enough to brighten a room.  We all shared in the holiday cheer with the seniors and the generous staff.  It feels good to be able to participate in the local tradition, especially when you are traveling and on the road. It grounds you for a few moments and reminds you that every day is a day for giving thanks. On to the next adventure!

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