What goes around, comes around…

Since we were young, the Jersey shore has provided us with many memories. The sun, salt, and sea have always been sources of serenity for us. From the beginning, we wanted to not only partner with organizations but also do things as we see fit. Today, we arrived in Miami and we wanted to avoid […]

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Eat A Peach for Peace

Today holds near and dear to our hearts. For my eleven years in NYC, my pop and I had made it a tradition to attend The Allman Brothers Beacon Theater run. Yesterday, we were off to Macon Georgia to volunteer at The Big House – Allman Brothers Museum. The museum is large traditional southern style […]

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Magical Karmatic Moment #1

After driving in a circle for an hour on our way to Wilkesboro (opps), we created our one and only rule: we can only make a mistake once. When we were finally on the correct route it looked like we were driving to Newton. We got to the beautiful Carolina’s house, real name Carrie, and […]

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On the road again….

After months and months of preparation, our hard work is finally culminating into our dreams. Everyone pitched in this weekend, to help us prepare emotionally and physically. The belief our family and friends have in us is the driving force behind our strength to head off on our path. We learned how to change a […]

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